Blankets: some test ideas
Design of Blankets;

These are some of the qualities or functions we are currently attempting to build into the design of the blankets:

*a cover
*a carry-all
*a banner
*a table
*a display case
*a soft, flexible, and mobile piece of architecture

we are modifying cheap European moving blankets that look like this:

blanketa.gif blanketd.gif

blanketc.gif blanketb.gif

and in our minds we are hoping they will have the potential to transform into this:


and hopefully will be able to be carried somewhat like these: (ours won't be as luxe but they will at least be practical)


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Blanket Layout
Design of Blankets;


Above is the pattern we are working on. (at the moment it is a prototype) Each blanket is equipped with buttons and button holes are strategically placed for optimum adjustability. Your blanket will include a set of red bands also with button holes for better flexibility.

They can be adapted in the following ways:

*as carry-all: red straps convert into handles when blanket is rolled or folded tightly.

*as banner: we are currently making a pattern with letters so you can tailor your own messages and use your blanket as a billboard. The banner can then be placed on the ground for an aerial view or it can hung vertically by corner button holes

*as a surface: a soft place to sit yourself and/or your items on

*a display case: button holes can be used to hang your blanket vertically and red straps can be place in various configurations to hold, posters, postcards, flyers etc. The bottom half of the blanket can be folded up and buttoned to hold A4 size papers.

*a soft, flexible, and mobile piece of architecture: straps can be positioned to support the blanket in such a way as to form a tent (warning, blanket is not waterproof so only use for shelter from the cold or sun.)

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House Work
Design of Blankets;


We are currently producing the Swap Meet blankets at Riek's house

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Design of Blankets;

Expect your blanket to come fully equipped with ribbons, extra buttons and paper alphabet. The alphabet can be simply cut out or used for stenciling.
Here's the pdf version to download and print at home:


Download file / 156KB

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Suggestions for use
Design of Blankets;


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